Spring 2011

History Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
HIST 1100-01 Western Civilization I Ace Pilkington, Ph.D.
HIST 1110-01 Western Civilization II Ace Pilkington, Ph.D.
HIST 1700-01 American Civilization Joel Lewis, Ph.D.
HIST 1700-03 American Civilization Norman McLeod, Ph.D.
HIST 1700-40 American Civilization/ONLINE Ron Rife
HIST 1700-51 American Civilization Jonathon Howell
HIST 1700-51H American Civilization Reuben Wadsworth
HIST 3720-50 Colonial America Norman McLeod, Ph.D.
HIST 3740-01 Emergence of Modern America Joel Lewis,Ph.D.
HIST 3870-50 History of Utah Edward Lyman
HIST 4400-50 History of Islam Lyttle Hughes

Political Science Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
POLS 1100-01 American Government Bruce Belmont
POLS 1100-02 American Government Joe Green
POLS 1100-50 American Government Lyttle Hughes
POLS 2300-01 Introduction to Political Theory Joe Green