Fall 2014

History Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
HIST 1001-01 FYE: History Alexander Redmon
HIST 1100-01 Western Civilization: Pre-History to 1715 Ace Pilkington, Ph.D.
HIST 1500-01 World History to 1500 Hosok O, Ph.D.
HIST 1700-01 American Civilization Joel Lewis, Ph.D.
HIST 1700-02 American Civilization Frank Klackle, Ph.D.
HIST 1700-04 American Civilization Hosok O, Ph.D.
HIST 1700-05 American Civilization Norman McLeod, Ph.D.
HIST 1700-12 American Civilization Alexander Redmon
HIST 1700-14 American Civilization/BLENDED Ronald Rife
HIST 1700-50 American Civilization Reuben Wadsworth
HIST 1700-51 American Civilization Nathan Caplin
HIST 1700-52H American Civilization Edward Lyman
HIST 1700-53 American Civilization Jason Blazevic, Ph.D.
HIST 2700-01 U.S. History to 1877 Norman McLeod, Ph.D.
HIST 3000-50 Historical Research Methodologies Joel Lewis, Ph.D.
HIST 3010-01 Special Topics in History: The American West Edward Lyman
HIST 3150-01 Russian History from 1860-1924 Ace Pilkington, Ph.D.
HIST 3480-50 East Asia to 1800 Hosok O, Ph.D.
HIST 3620-01 History of Colonial Latin America Frank Klackle, Ph.D.
HIST 3740-01 Emergence of Modern America Joel Lewis, Ph.D.
HIST 4700-01 African-American History 1619 -Present Norman McLeod, Ph.D.

Political Science Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
POLS 1100-02 American Government Joe Green
POLS 1100-40 American Government Jason Blazevic, Ph.D.
POLS 1100-50 American Government John Berger
POLS 2100-01 Introduction to International Relations Joe Green
POLS 3500-01 War and Terrorism Shadman Bashir