Chip McLeod


Department Chair Professor of History

Email: Phone: 435-652-7827 Office: McDonald 227 Education: Ph.D. Howard University
Norman C. "Chip" McLeod Jr. teaches courses covering the American experience in its formative stages from early European colonization through the American Civil War and Reconstruction. A specialist in social and cultural history, his primary teaching and research interests include the development of British North America, the American Revolution and Early Republic, the slave South, and the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Courses Taught

HIST 2700: U.S. History To 1877 HIST 2710: U.S. History Since 1877 HIST 3000: Historical Research Methodologies HIST 3010R: Special Topics in History HIST 3670: Slavery and the American Republic HIST 3720: Colonial America HIST 3730: The American Civil War and Reconstruction (1848-1877) HIST 4700: African-American History (1619-Present) HIST 4710: The American Revolution HIST 4720: The New Nation (1789-1848) HIST 4730: Society and Culture in the U.S. (1780-1860) HIST 4800R: Independent Study HIST 4890: Senior Capstone