College of Humanities and Social Sciences

History Program

The Dixie State University baccalaureate program in History is comprised on a Bachelor’s of Arts, a Bachelor’s of Science, and a minor. The Bachelor of Arts degree requires proficiency in a foreign language, which can be fulfilled in a variety of ways. The Bachelor of Science degree requires Social Sciences coursework beyond the core and electives. In addition, a unique degree, the Bachelor of Arts or Science in Social Sciences Composite Teaching is designed specifically for students pursuing secondary teaching careers and prepares them to teach in many areas of the high school curriculum, including American History, World History, Utah History, Political Science, Psychology, Geography, Economics, and Sociology.

The DSU bachelor’s degrees in History prepare students to pursue advanced study in History, law, or a related area, or to enter the workforce in business, international relations, journalism, or numerous other professional fields. Core requirements in the degree emphasize historical knowledge, historical thinking, and historical skills, the essential components on the curriculum. Students who graduate from the History program have developed the ability to investigate problems, identify reliable sources, analyze information, contextualize complex questions, and communicate conclusions in a clear and thoughtful manner through advanced critical thinking and writing skills.

The Minor in History prepares students from a variety of disciplines to contextualize their field of study within the human experience through exposure to a variety of perspectives and research methodologies that augment their skills in almost any profession or area of graduate study.