History & Political Science

History Faculty

Display image of Chip McLeod, PH.D.

Chip McLeod, PH.D.

History Program Director Professor

Email: mcleod@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-7827
Office: McDonald 227

Display image of Joe Green, M.S.

Joe Green, M.S.

Associate Professor

Email: green@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-7820
Office: McDonald 228

Display image of Hosok O, Ph.D.

Hosok O, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Email: ohosok@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-7812
Office: McDonald 229

Display image of Ron Rife, M.A.

Ron Rife, M.A.


Email: rrife@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4365
Office: McDonald 202

Display image of Heather Sinclair, Ph.D.

Heather Sinclair, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Email: heather.sinclair@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4729
Office: McDonald 235

Display image of Jeremy C. Young, Ph.D.

Jeremy C. Young, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Director, Institute of Politics

Email: jeremy.young@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4634
Office: McDonald 234


Jill Brim, M.A.

Email: jill.brim@dixie.edu

Kathleen Broeder, M.A., M.L.S.

Email: kathleen.broeder@dixie.edu

Rick Erickson, J.D.

Email: ericksonr@dixie.edu

L. Dean Marriott, ED.D.

Email: dean.marriot@dixie.edu

Yukie Saito, PH.D.

Email: saito@dixie.edu

Reuben Wadsworth, M.A.

Email: wadsworth@dixie.edu